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Wine tasting

Special flavour experiences at our wine tastings in the Ingelfinger Fass wine manufactory, hosted by Jens Leutelt, Sommelier of the Year 2015 in Germany.

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Spring pleasure

Suitable for special occasions or simply for a delicious dinner with your loved ones or friends, we offer you great wines from the Ingelfinger Fass wine manufactory!

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More awards received!

In addition to the Falstaff wine guide, the Ingelfinger Fass wine manufactory is also listed in Eichelmann and awarded one star.

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Our submitted wines were convincing!

We are delighted about the great rating of the Falstaff team for our wines. A real confirmation for the wonderful work we are allowed to do.

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Pleasure for every occasion

Make your summer perfect with our wines from the Ingelfinger Fass wine manufactory!

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New territory for the wine manufactory

Neuland (new territory), that’s the name of the new, non-alcoholic secco that our cellar spirits have come up with just in time for the turn of the year.

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Beerenauslese (late harvest wine) – fantastic wines for special occasions

Wines of the highest quality level are marked with a predicate. One of these Prädikat wines is our Beerenauslese, which are made from noble rotten berries and harvested by hand.

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Award and award ceremony of an honorary prize

Due to our outstanding performance at the Württembergische Landesprämierung (Wine State Award of Württemberg), we were awarded an Honorary Award for 2020.

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