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Neuland (new territory), that’s the name of the new, non-alcoholic secco that our cellar spirits have come up with just in time for the turn of the year. The sophisticated cuvée of different fruit juices does not miss the alcohol. Try it out and enter new territory…

Since November, the Ingelfinger Fass wine manufactory offers a new product. The refreshing drink „Neuland“ is the first non-alcoholic Secco in the range, pressed from the juices of local grapes and regional fruit.

The drink is produced in cooperation with the manufactory of Jörg Geiger in Schlat, at the foot of the Swabian Alb. Both Jörg Geiger and the Ingelfinger Fass wine manufactory stand for the preservation of regional cultural landscapes and processing the products with the highest standards of craftsmanship. Specially grown grapes from the Ingelfinger Fass wine manufactory and hand-picked pears and apples from the Jörg Geiger manufactory are used for the Secco and processed together with spices and carbon dioxide to create a high-quality refreshing drink. The drink is suitable as a refreshing summer drink. It goes well with Asian dishes or starters with leafy salads and fresh cheese as well as berry or baked desserts.

Non-alcoholic, hip drinks benefit from the increasing desire for a natural and conscious diet. Young and lifestyle-oriented trendsetters in particular prefer these hip drinks. We recognised this trend early on and are now giving a new dimension to pleasure with our „Neuland“. Just give it a try!