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Get to know the most beautiful parts of Hohenlohe!

We must admit that “a small town in the countryside in Baden-Württemberg” does not sound very exciting. Luckily, it’s quite the contrary: Hohenlohe offers an unbelievable variety of exciting leisure activities to match every taste, every age and every weather condition.


Regional Attractions

Artists and culture lovers will fully enjoy our region. We have museums, historic sites and celebrities galore. Discover the many hidden cultural treasures on your stroll through Hohenlohe. Go exploring!

I am convinced

that art and culture make a decisive contribution to the development of a society and trigger dynamic forces.
– Cornelia Pieper

Worth seeing &


A region full of discoveries and real treasures

A large variety of recreational and leisure facilities make Hohenlohe a recreational area with attractive destinations and local characteristics. Numerous historic buildings have earned Hohenlohe the name “land of palaces and castles”. A lot of them can be visited and and house rich cultural treasures.


Palaces, Castles and Abbeys

Hohenlohe is richly blessed with art history buildings. In almost every town or borough, a castles, a palace or at least a ruin of a formerly magnificent building greets travellers. Discover Hohenlohe’s art treasures!


Theatres and Concerts

Theatre and music festivals in Hohenlohe and its neighbouring districts are getting more and more popular. The amateur plays are very charming and our professional theatres meet the highest cultural demands.


Museums and Exhibitions

Hohenlohe is manly characterised by its rural and natural charm. Our history is always present, but contemporary art and pioneer technology are important.


Festivals and Fairs

People in Hohenlohe work a lot, but they also know how to celebrate. A lot of traditional festivals and fairs still take place today and offer a reason to celebrate, sometimes in historic costumes. Celebrate with us!