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In Hohenlohe, we celebrate, when we get the chance.

Thus, a lot of customs and traditions are persued around the year. For visitors it always is an exciting journey through time – also in culinary aspects.

Hohenloher Weindorf (Wine festival)

Wine festivals in Ingelfingen and Öhringen are held every year in July. The large variety of culinary treats is very attractive for gourmets.

Kochertaler Genießertour (Kochertal Gourmet Festival)

In August, the Kochertaler Genießertour invites visitors to hike and feast in the vineyards between Ingelfingen and Forchtenberg.

Kuchen- und Brunnenfest (Cake and Fountain Festival)

Around Whitsun, the Kuchen- und Brunnenfest with more than 500 participants and helpers is considered one of the most beautiful folk festivals of Hohenlohe. It offers a varied mixture of medieval traditions and lots of music. Apart from the historic festival there is also a funfair, sightseeing tours and numerous other activities.

Muswiese Rot am See (Agricultural Fair)

The Muswiese, an agricultural fair held every October, shows the special attitude towards life that people in Hohenlohe have. Mentioning the name puts that very special gleam into the eyes of many Hohenlohe people…

Töpfermarkt Sindringen (Pottery Market)

The pottery market in the medieval town of Sindringen, a district of Forchtenberg, attracts visitors from near and far in May every year. More than 70 exhibitors show their goods and the artistic varieties of pottery.